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Facebook is everywhere at the moment ….  Even the man-of-the-summer Michael Phelps stated on national tv that he checked his facebook account “a few times” in between his record setting performances in Beijing.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity to join the fun, we’ve been busy at work updating our “group” page with our recent press hits and relevant green info.  Feel free to join the Perfect Organics group the next time you log-in and see what’s cooking. 

Speaking of press hits, we’re excited to announce a feature in the September issue of LUCKY that generated quite a bit of interest in our products, and, more specifically, our Vanilla Twist Lip Balm.  In order to celebrate our expanded audience, we’re offering 15% off online orders for the month of October with the following customer appreciation code:  553883.  Enter the code at the checkout and enjoy the savings…


Happy October!


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