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I must admit, I find life on the front lines of the organic beauty revolution to be very exciting.  I smile politely when I run into friends from the past and they ask me curiously: “I hear you market and sell skin care products?  I never thought you would work in the beauty industry!” The thing is…. I’m not just marketing and selling body care products.  I’m on the ground floor of a huge revolution that is shaking the foundation of the aforementioned “beauty industry”.  This, of course, is no easy task.  The cosmetics industry is estimated at $50 billion a year, with more money spent on television advertising than any other business.  Yes, folks, the cosmetics industry is one of the nation’s largest and most profitable enterprises.  It’s also an industry that – excuse the pun – is in desperate need of a facelift.

Fortunately, I know some women working hard to make that happen.  Let’s start local.  Debra Claire, Founder & CEO of Perfect Organics, worked as a commercial make-up artist for high profile clients before starting Perfect Organics.  Ask Debra why she left her career in commercial make up artistry to start Perfect Organics from scratch and she’ll respond that she saw a market filled with toxic products and knew she could create healthier, more effective alternatives.  Her plan worked.  Debra has formulated the most luxurious organic and vegan body care line on the market today. When folks ask Debra what she does for a living she doesn’t say she owns a business.  Nope. She states with a straight face, “I’m creating an organic empire.”

Debra is just one example of countless women who are taking “girl power’ to another level.  As a matter a fact, they are leaving “girl power” to the Spice Girls and creating “green power” by promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability.   One of the pioneers in this new wave of green female leadership is Sara Snow.  Sara’s knowledge, enthusiasm and accessibility have made her Discovery Home show “Get Fresh with Sara Snow” extremely informative and incredibly popular.  Sara’s show format is simple, clear and effective.  She inspires viewers to create healthier lives for themselves, their families and the environment by exposing

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